The OWA-Rødsand 2 scanning lidar experiment will be analyzed to produce a validation suite for offshore wake models

Carbon Trust has granted CENER, DTU and NREL access to the Offshore Wind Accelerator experiment at the Rødsand 2 windfarm in Denmark. Cornell University and NREL will aslo participate in the project as subcontractors.

The experiment consists on two long-range scanning lidars and two pairs of nacelle-mounted short-range lidars besides a boundary-layer met mast. The campaign is one year long.

Initial analysis of the data will look into the characterization of inflow and wakes from scanning lidars and how these measurements can be used to find suitable cases for validation.

Array efficiency prediction under heterogeneous inflow conditions, either from coastal effects or from the nearby Nysted wind farm, is one of the most important challenges for wake models that will be studied with this test case.  


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