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NOWITECH, ReaTHM (Real Time Hybrid Model testing) in SINTEF Ocean basin. A semisubmersible wind turbine will be tested in the ocean basin of SINTEF Ocean, Trondheim, Norway. The model of the floating wind turbine will be anchored in the center of the basin. The mooring system is a spread mooring and the water depth is selected to be 200m. The wind will be modeled in the experiments by use of Hardware in the Loop setup where the wind is simulated in real time by use of Aerodyn. The aerodynamic loads in surge, roll, and yaw are then applied on the model by use of 6 actuators. The actuators apply forces by use of a motor-spring assembly. The model scale is 1:30. This scale will be suitable with respect to the quality of the waves, the model size and the handling of the models in the test set-up. The model tests with the floating offshore wind turbine are intended to take place during weeks 39 and 40 (i.e. by the end of September).
Contact: Dr Petter Andreas Berthelsen
The test will be performed in the ocean basin of SINTEF Ocean, Trondheim, Norway.