Saarblitz, Wind farm in HDR,, creative commons by-nc-sa 2.0

Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ)

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Site Description

  • 36 Vestas V90 3MW
  • Located 10-18km at the coast near Egmond aan Zee

Data Provider


Data Accessibility

Wind turbine load data are confidential and upon request. Measured metocean data are public. 


  • Loads measurements

WTG 7 and WTG 8 were instrumented to measure loads in the blades, drive train and tower. The data series contain parameters like blade root edgewise and flapwise bending moments, blade pitch angle and pitch speed, rotor azimuth, yaw angle and misalignment, torsion tower top, and produced power.

  • Metocean data

These data series presents the wind speeds, wind direction and precipitation at three different heights. The wind speed has been measured both considering cup anemometers and 3-axis ultrasonic anemometer.

Measurement Campaign

May 2007 – December 2008