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Norrekaer Enge Data Qualification

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The benchmark is open to participants of Wakebench who want to qualify wind farm measurements for wake model validation.


The main objective is to qualify wind farm measurements before data analysis can be performed. The qualification includes an analysis of the wind farm surroundings to identify potential terrain effects and obstacles, which can influence the local flow conditions. The data qualification includes basic quality screening, identification of outliers, and qualification of power values for each wind turbine. This process is used to eliminate sequences where the wind turbines have been stopped or been in an idling mode, start sequence, stop sequence or failure mode.  The data qualification analysis includes to definition of quality-checked references of wind speed and direction.

Data Accessibility

The benchmark is offered to all participants of the IEA Task 31 Wakebench.

Input data

Approximately one year of 10-minute statistics for power and wind measurements recorded in a 42 x 300 kW wind farm have been made available for this benchmark.

The recordings are available in three different formats:

1)       Stored in a MySQL database made accessible through the Internet;
2)       Stored in MS-EXCEL tables or
3)       Stored in a MS-DBASE database.

The participants need to specify format on as part of the data request to

Validation data

The data qualification process comprises four steps:

  1. Perform a power data qualification with reference to nacelle wind speed for each of the 42 wind turbines;
  2. Determine reference power curve for wind turbine A1 with reference to M1, level 31 m  measurements, for an inflow sector of 155-175 deg.;
  3. Determine a reference wind direction for the 0 – 360 deg for the wind speeds <12 m/s;
  4. Determine a reference wind speed  for the whole wind farm with reference to undisturbed wind turbines (below 12 m/s);

Model runs

Not applicable

Output data

  1. Bin averaged power curve for turbine A1 for the free inflow sector of 155 - 175 deg with reference to wind speed measured at M1, level 31m using velocity bins of Δ=1 m/s. The output table should include mean, standard deviation, minimum, maximum power values together with the number of observations for each wind speed bin;
  2. Bin averaged power curve for all wind turbines using nacelle wind speed as a reference (Δv=1 m/s); where the output table should include wind speed bin and mean power values;
  3. Binned wind farm inflow wind speed distribution, stored as probability values – as function of both wind speed (Δv=1 m/s) and wind direction (Δwd=10°).

A dedicated excel spreadsheet template has been attached in order to provide the outputs in a standardized format; which include a data sheet for reporting data qualification results


Please include a short description of the methodology and filtering criterion; which has been used to qualify the dataset in maximum 1 page.




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