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Norrekaer Enge

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The data has been extracted from; [1] site = norre

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The test case is offered to all participants of the IEA Task 31 Wakebench.

Site Description: 

The wind farm statistics have been measured on a coastal Wind Farm at Nørrekær Enge, Denmark (Højstrup et al.,  1993). The wind farm is located in a flat, homogeneous terrain characterized by grassland. The wind farm contains 42 Nordtank NTK 300F 330 [kW] wind turbines, stall controlled with 300 kW rated power. The rotor diameter is 28 m and the hub height is 31 m. The turbines are arranged in 6 rows, each with 7 turbines as shown in Figure 1. Furthermore two 58 m mast, equipped with meteorological sensors in 7 levels, located SW of and inside the wind farm are available.

Figure 1: Layout of the Nørrekær Enge Wind Farm.


The dataset includes 10-minute statistics for active power, nacelle wind speed and nacelle position for each wind turbine in the wind farm together with wind speed and wind direction statistics from the two masts.The measured quantities, stored as 10-minute statistics are:

1)       Wind turbine: Mean electrical power  [kW]1

2)       Wind turbine: Mean nacelle wind speed [m/s]1

3)       Wind turbine: Mean nacelle wind direction (= Yaw misalignment) [deg]1 ;

4)       Mean wind speed and standard deviation on M1, level 31m [m/s];

5)       Mean wind direction on M1, level 31m [deg]

6)       Mean wind speed and standard deviation on M2, level 31 m [m/s];

7)       Mean wind direction on M2, level 34 m [deg].

 The data is provided as raw data without any filtering for events like start, stop, idling, parking or faults.

1 For each of the 42 wind turbines.

Measurement Campaign: 

The wind farm data was recorded as part of an intensive measuring program, which included structural load measurements on 2 wind turbines. The wind farm measurements represent a period of 540 days from 1991 until 1993.


The Nørrekær Enge test case has been proposed within the IEA Task 31 to perform an exercise with the objective to verify if several users reach the same validation dataset for wakes modelling when processing SCADA data. This exercise will be used to define a data processing methodology that can help standardizing this important step in the wake model validation process. Then, it will be included in the Model Evaluation Protocol of the Task.

A detailed wind farm description including a table with wind turbine coordinates are given in (Hansen, 2013). The proposed data processing methodology was outlined in the frame of the FP7-UpWind project, as part of the guidelines document (Barthelmie et al, 2011).


[1] Database of wind characteristics; Internet respository of [wind] measurements accessible through, site = norre.

Barthelmie, R., 2011, Flow and wakes in large wind farms; Appendix 7: Guideline to wind   farm wake analysis: Final report for UpWind WP8, Report number Risø-R-1765(EN) February 2011

Hansen, K.S. 2013, Presentation of the Nørrekær Enge wind farm and the measurement setup; Document= Noerrekaer_Enge_windfarm.pdf.

Højstrup, J.  1993, Full scale Measurements in Wind-Turbine Arrays. Nørrekær Enge II. CEC/JOULE, Risø national Laboratory, Risø-I-684(EN)


NDA for accessing the test case data. Files can be added in the files section of the test case.


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