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FAST v8 + OrcaFlex 10.1

Submitted by Josean Galvan on August 27, 2015 - 11:55am
Main hypothesis
FAST is a wind turbine modelling program developed by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). FASTlink is an experimental package that can be used to run coupled OrcaFlex + FAST simulations of floating wind turbine systems. In such coupled simulations FAST models the turbine aerodynamic loads and response, and the turbine control and power take-off system, but OrcaFlex models the platform hydrodynamic loads and mooring loads and response.
Structural dynamics
Mooring lines
Structural dynamics
Added mass coefficient
Normal drag coefficient
Tangential drag coefficient
Seabed contact model
Seabed-line friction model
Wave kinematics
Wave theory
OrcaFlex offers a choice of a long-crested, regular, linear Airy wave (including seabed influence on wave length) or non-linear waves using Dean's stream function, Stokes' 5th order or Fenton's Cnoidal wave theories.
Free surface correction
Kinematic stretching is the process of extending linear Airy wave theory to provide predictions of fluid velocity and acceleration (kinematics) at points above the mean water level. OrcaFlex offers a choice of three methods: Vertical Stretching, Wheeler Stretching and Extrapolation Stretching.
Wave spectrum
JONSWAP, ISSC (also known as Bretschneider or modified Pierson-Moskowitz), Ochi-Hubble, Torsethaugen, Gaussian Swell, user defined spectrum, user specified components, Time History derived spectrum or White noise spectrum are available.

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