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Submitted by Martijn van Roermund on September 10, 2015 - 11:32am
Main hypothesis
The computer program Phatas, ”Program for Horizontal Axis wind Turbine Analysis and Simulation”, is developed for the time-domain calculation of the dynamic behaviour and the corresponding loads on a Horizontal Axis wind Turbine. Phatas calculates the dynamic response of a wind turbine that covers the structural dynamic deformation of the turbine structure, the unsteady aerodynamic loads on the blades and tower, and the interactions from an operational controller and a Supervisory controller. The mutual equilibrium between all these sub-models is obtained by performing each time step an iterative solution of the full non-linear set of coupled equations. The program Phatas is developed as a tool under the design package FOCUS6, maintained by WMC. Within FOCUS6, the aerodynamic capabilities can be extended by linking Phatas to external calculation modules, such as the ECN Aeromodule.