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Blyth/V66 Bottom-fixed monopile

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Site Description: 

A 2MW, 66m V66 VESTAS wind turbine located near Blyth UK, 1⁄2 km from the British East coast, was instrumented for measuring bending moments at four levels between mean sea level and mudline on the mono-pile.

Blyth V66 wind turbine

Data Provider: 

DTU Wind Energy, Kurt S. Hansen;

Data accesibility: 

A limited part of the recorded time series ~400 hours have been made public without restrictions.


The offshore wind turbine is instrumented with calibrated strain gauges on the mono-pile between mean-sea-level and mudline for measuring tower bending in two directions.

Measurement Campaign: 

The measured time series recorded with a frequency of 40Hz includes sea level, operational status, wind speed and structural loads in the mono-pile are available for the project together with the statistics of the operational parameters e.g. power and rotor speed. Furthermore, statistics of rotor speed, power, nacelle direction and wave height are available.
Dataset size: approximately 5 GB


The experiment was used to 1) catalogue the key design requirements of offshore wind turbines at sites with severe conditions, 2) improve design procedures, 3) improve the certification rules and 4) validate aero-elastic simulation tools in the previous OWTES project [1-4]. A detailed description of this test case is provided attached to this deliverable, based on the OWTES final report.
Documentation of the masses, stiffness and natural frequencies encompassing blades, nacelle tower, mono-pile and controller settings have been reported and will be available for benchmarking.
More than 150 measured time series of pile loading, wind and wave characteristics have been uploaded to the Forwind server and is available on request from


[1] Design Methods for Offshore Wind Turbines at Exposed Sites; Final Report of the OWTES project, EU Joule III JOU3-CT95-0284 by T.R. Camp; document 2317/BR/22D, November 2003 – public
[2] Design Methods for Offshore Wind Turbines at Exposed Sites; Description of the Blyth V66 turbine and support structure for computer modelling by T.R. Camp; document 2317/BR/18, 12 May 2003 – restricted
[3] Design Methods for Offshore Wind Turbines at Exposed Sites; Site Environmental Conditions by B. Evans; document 2317/BR/14, 25 July 2003 – restricted
[4] Design Methods for Offshore Wind Turbines at Exposed Sites; Measured fatigue and extreme loads by B. Evans; document 2317/BR/15, 11 July 2003 – restricted
[5] The internet database: is hosting time series of measurements and anables access to the Final OWTES report. 


The data has been recorded as part of the OWTES project by Garrad Hassan & Partners, UK funded by EU Joule project JOU3-CT95-0284 and does not require a NDA, but the wind turbine documentation will require a restricted access.