Saarblitz, Wind farm in HDR,, creative commons by-nc-sa 2.0

Blyth mono-pile static

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Brief description about the context (project, general goals, etc)

Data Accessibility

Brief description about the accessibility of the data


Specific goals of the benchmark

Input data

Description about the boundary/initial conditions, constants, etc

Data should usually be stored in the Restricted folder (restricted to benchmark members).

Validation data

Description about the target experimental data.

Data should usually be stored in the Managers folder (restricted to Admins, Managers team members and specifically assigned users).

Model runs

Definition of simulations: model set-up, requirements, etc

Output data

Variables (files) required to perform the validation


Further information about the experiment. Literature survey

Terms and Conditions

NDA for accessing the benchmark data.

Data should usually be stored in the Public folder (public if benchmark is public, else restricted).