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Static TEFlap TL-190-82

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Site Description: 

The test case was performed in the Laminar Wind Tunnel (LWT) of the Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics (IAG), University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Data Provider: 

Thorsten Lutz and Werner Würz (IAG, University of Stuttgart, Germany)

Data accesibility: 

Contact the data provider.


The TL-190-82 airfoil was equipped with a row of pressure tabs along the upper and the lower side. The lift is determined by experimental integration of the pressure distribution along the opposite two tunnel walls while the drag is determined by an integrating wake rake, which is positioned approximately 0.45 chord length behind the model trailing edge. The rake automatically travels into the center of the wake and is traversed in spanwise direction to obtain a mean value for the drag. Standard wind tunnel corrections are applied for the aerodynamic coefficients. The data acquisition system is controlled by a PC and carefully calibrated before each set of measurements.

Measurement Campaign: 

The experiments for the TL-190-82 include polar measurements, flow visualisation for separation check, transition detection and CPV trailing edge noise measurements for different flap settings at different Reynolds.


T. Lutz, A. Wolf; Aerodynamic and Acoustic Design of Wind Turbine Airfoils with Trailing-Edge Flap; DEWEK, 2010.



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